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What is Willing Ways?

Willing Ways Pakistan is the most exclusive addiction treatment center in Pakistan. We are the pioneer and trusted leader in addiction treatment with an outstanding history of 43 years. Our services include the Rehabilitation center facility, counseling services, psychiatrist services, and psychiatrist crisis management.

About Us

Dr. Sadaqat Ali, a well-known addiction psychiatrist is a visionary behind this successfully executed idea. He is serving as the project director of Willing Ways with over four hundred employees, including a team of sixty professionals comprising of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Medical specialists, and Addiction Counselors. All these professionals hold striking credentials and not only they are well trained but also carry extensive know-how by being involved in research and education. This helps them collaborate with each other within the institute to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.

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Our Ambitions


At Willing Ways, the patients are treated with dignity and respect, one of the main ingredients of our success. We help our patients discover their true selves while aiming at transforming their whole being.


Our ultimate aim even for indoor patients is to prepare them for the outdoor treatment so that they always know where to ask for support when help required.


Today, Willing Ways continues to provide world-class addiction care and education that meets the needs of addicts and their families. We publish educational materials on every aspect of addiction care in Urdu and English.